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Duncan Builders can provide you with truly reliable water damage restoration services anywhere in the local area.

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Do you have a dampness problem? Or a complete water disaster in your property? Get in touch with us today. You can call us in even at short notice, knowing that your water damage restoration will soon be underway. No matter where in Richmond you’re based.

All kinds of liquids can cause serious problems in your property. Quickly becoming hazardous for the health of any people living in it. Cables and electrical appliances are often major sources of concern. With mould and fungus being the major headaches in the longer term. Fast help is usually the order of the day.

WHY Duncan Builders?


There are many potential causes of water damage to a property. A washing machine malfunction. Broken pipes. Sewage water. Rain. Groundwater. Floods.

When you call us for this service, we will send you an expert who will make a professional survey using special equipment. This will enable them to determine what the scale of the damage is and what parts of the property are affected. A precise examination of the damage is crucial in order to decide what needs to be done.


Never underestimate the damage that water can cause. When damage restoration is postponed it can affect the solidity of the walls and the foundations of the whole building.

Using Duncan Builders means you have full access to the local experts in water damage repair. Our professionals can quickly remove any water or other liquids and start your repairs quickly and efficiently. Your team will have special heavy-duty equipment to pump the water out so that the real restoration can begin.

Your team will be made up of reliable, vetted and experienced professionals. They have the latest equipment – made especially for this task. Your technicians will remove the water and start the repairs shortly after that. You can then choose precisely what work you want to get done in order to have your property restored to perfect condition.


Call Duncan Builders on 020 3026 9281 to get more details about the water damage restoration we provide in Richmond or to book a survey. Working Monday to Friday, our advisers will be happy to help you in any way they can.

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