Loft Conversion Richmond

A loft conversion is a fantastic way to add value to your property. Transform your attic into a whole new space for living, work, sports or whatever you want!

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Duncan Builders can arrange specialists to deal with every aspect of your loft conversion. We cover all of the details for you, thanks to our team of all-trade specialists. Smooth, hassle-free work. Minimal disruption. You’ll be getting a high-quality converted attic space – always at a reasonable price. Get us to come and take a look at your roof space to start off with. With zero obligation.

WHY Duncan Builders?


It is a priority for us to keep the disturbance you experience to a minimum level while we work. Our trusted professionals are the way we make sure of that. As are the health and safety precautions we take. And the in-depth planning we do, which you can be involved in right from the start.

You can use us for any kind of loft conversion in Richmond. We always work using a truly systematic approach. Handy no matter how complicated a task you need us to handle.


At Duncan Builders we understand the importance and complexity of making your loft into a wholly new space. As soon as you decide exactly what you need, we will lay out all of the costs and materials needed for the work. It’s the way we make sure that we meet your every personal requirement and that you never have any hidden costs to contend with.

As an experienced building company, we know that the amount of space in and the shape of every attic is unique. But our professionals have the right approach and the perfect touch required to deliver the ideal renovation for every loft.

We are more than familiar with all building rules and regulations and will always follow them throughout our time with you. With the help of Duncan Builders your loft will be turned into the space you’ve always dreamed of. Without any trouble at all.


To learn more about loft conversions or any other service we offer in Richmond, call us on 020 3026 9281. Let our helpful team explain the details, help you choose a convenient booking time and assist you in every way possible to get the result you want.

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