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For people who have growing families. Or who just need more space in their property. Get a house extension in Richmond which gives you that space. Without breaking the bank.

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The home extensions Duncan Builders offers can come in a huge range of shapes and sizes. But whether you’re living in a town house with limited outdoor space. Or in a large property with a garden. Adding an extra room is always a great option. Especially with the diligent help of our professionals supporting you…

Get us to complete any type of property extension project according to your personal requirements. Your initial onsite planning session and quote ensure that everything will be done to the highest quality standards – and with no hidden costs. We take pride in our work, so the professionals we employ pay the closest attention to every detail. Your planning session can include handy advice about what materials to use and which options will give you the exact results you want. Meaning we always have the information we need to make your home more spacious and comfortable – in exactly the way you always pictured.



Extending your home is an effective and simple solution when you need either more space or greater property value. No matter what requirements you have, Duncan Builders has the all-trade team of specialists needed to carry them out too. However much you want to widen or maximise your available space.

The popularity of house extensions is growing. But with us, it’s easy to get all of the work done without any hassle. We deal with all types of extensions. From the more traditional to the most modern designs.

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The Duncan Builders team is made up of knowledgeable experts with a proven record of successfully-built house extensions and satisfied customers under their belt. They can easily turn your extended property into any kind of new space you want. With no hassle and minimal disturbance.

Equipped with the latest innovative equipment and the highest quality materials, you can have them carry out any and all work required. From plumbing to electrical work. Construction to carpentry. To the final finishing touches.


Call us Monday to Friday on 020 3026 9281. Our helpful support team will be glad to arrange both your initial planning session and your service at a convenient time for you. They can also answer your questions whenever they occur to you.

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