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When you need a reliable flooring service in Richmond, choose the option which gives you craftsmanship and integrity.

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High-quality flooring made of any material. Expert professionals. A full guarantee for all workmanship. Get your flooring from Duncan Builders when you need to be able to rely on the results you get. Nothing enhances the look of a property like a good floor. With us, you’ll be able to ensure that’s exactly what you get.



Duncan Builders has a professional team who neatly and efficiently lay all types of floors. Available in various materials, textures and colours, you will always be able to get the right fit for every room of your domestic or business property.

You can count on us for the exact kind of help you need. From initial planning and concepting. To high-quality repairs. Or for installation only. Whether you want your room to be fit for functions, stylish or simply have some trendy floor tiles. All of our experts are highly experienced and used to work with a wide variety of flooring types in numerous properties throughout the local area.

A reliance on the highest quality, durable materials and a friendly, helpful customer support team round out what you get from us.


Duncan Builders gives you best-in-class flooring solutions for every room, always fitted according to your demands and situation. Whatever your property’s distinctive features or needs, you can get a little advice on getting the right flooring to match first. Meet with one of our floor fitters onsite, and make sure you have all the information you need to make the right decision.

All work will be carried out in a mess and stress-free way. And, after your work is done, the experts delivering your flooring services will be happy to give you some free advice on how to maintain your new floor so that it retains its condition for many years to come. Meaning it will continue to lend comfort and satisfaction to every room in your home well into the future.


To request a survey, call us on 020 3026 9281. Get a convenient booking slot and count on getting all the assistance you need from our support team from Monday to Friday.

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